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May 25 2018

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Feel More Confident With Effective Hair Removal

In a 2006 British study, the researchers revealed that women spent an average of 104 minutes per week removing excess facial hair. The women in the study reported anxiety over their concern about the visibility of the hair and admitted to checking mirrors and touching their face throughout the day to alleviate the worry. Modern hair removal reduces the time needed for the smooth appearance women want and the results last much longer. Unfortunately, it was not always this way.

Ineffective Hair Removal

Women that relied on at-home solutions in the past were realistic in their worries of visible hair sprouting up during the day. Razors and tweezers were temporary solutions that gave only a few hours of help. Stubble was often visible on women with naturally dark hair within a couple of hours. Depilatories and wax lengthened the amount of time between treatments, but many women suffered skin irritation after the use of the products.

Modern Solutions Available

IPL Hair Removal in Merrimack Valley is the solution people now turn to for long-term hair removal. Lighter regrowth in the areas treated is an immediate benefit with longer regrowth times occurring after each treatment. The laser only treats actively growing hair, so most people need to undergo multiple sessions to address all the hair in the area desired. Most people need 6-8 treatments for adequate results. The method is effective, but not permanent, and may need repeating in a few years.

Sensible Removal Practices

Some risks exist, so only qualified IPL technicians should perform the treatment. Choose a small area for the first treatment to see how the skin will react. People with light-colored hair may not get the result they want because the system works best with dark, coarse hair. IPL can cause scarring or discoloration to people with dark skin. People should avoid the sun for several weeks before treatment and immediately after the hair removal.

At Solace Wellness Center & Medspa many clients choose IPL to end the daily task of tweezing and shaving. The treatment works on the face and the body and can help anyone with excessive amounts of hair to finally feel confident. Find out more today.

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